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Friday, 24 September 2010

Real Flower Jewellery - African Violet Pendants

I was given this custom jewellery order to make last week that involved taking some real pressed African Violet flower petals and setting them into resin jewellery.

The pressed flowers were taken from her Nan's favourite African Violet plant and were very special to her. She wanted them setting into a teardrop shaped resin pendant and I also added a sprinkle of glitter dust to give the jewellery an extra sparkle.

Real Flower Jewellery
When I opened the package containing the flowers I was met with a lovely aroma that obviously didn’t come from the African Violets. The source of the aroma was a lovely bar of handmade soap (Cedarwood Orange). It turns out that the customer produced handmade soap, so being a fellow crafter I did a nice swap with her!

Lots happening at the moment in the Land of Shpangle Jewellery, including an order for twelve ‘name on rice’ pendants, so I might be a little quiet for a while.

If you would like to see more of my jewellery made with real flowers, please visit my Real Flower Jewellery website page.

Friday, 9 July 2010

It must be fate my dear Violet

I am a great believer in fate and also believe that much of what happens to us is destined to happen. Something wonderful happened this week that cemented that belief and I can only put it down to something more than just coincidence.

A few days ago I was asked by a lady to make a pendant and keyring that contained a real purple Violet flower because her daughter’s name is Violet. Convinced that I didn’t have any such flowers in my box of goodies, I searched the Internet to try to source them. After several hours, and without any luck, I decided to take a look in my box of pressed flowers...and there nestled amongst the daisies, forget-me-nots and an assortment of flowers were two Violet flowers and they were both purple! Wow, how strange is that, the fact that I was asked for two purple Violets and I happened to have just two in my collection of flowers.

Violet flower pendant
So I set them onto sterling silver bezels and coated them with resin to produce this pendant and keyring. I hung the pendant from a sterling silver fine curb necklace chain and for the keyring I attached it to a stainless steel key-chain. I think they turned out lovely, in fact so lovely that I found it hard to let them go! Having said that, I think they were always destined for their resipient.

Violet flower necklace
If you would like to see more of my pressed flower jewellery please visit my real flower jewellery website page.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

"Forget-me-not" my Lady Daisy

My favourite flowers of all have got to be daisies and forget-me-nots. They are both beautiful flowers and seem to grow as nature intended...everywhere! I am not one for garden flowers and if I had my way would leave the garden to become more 'natural'. Daisies remind me of long summer days sitting in a field making daisy chains, and forget-me-nots as well as being beautiful, well I just love the name.

There are many legends and folklore descriptions regarding the origin of the name Forget-me-not, and most are connected with romance and tragic fate. Forget-me-nots were often worn by ladies as a sign of faithfulness and it was supposed that the wearer of the flowers would not be forgotten by their lovers. The legend that I particularly like comes from medieval times:

Once upon a time a medieval knight and his lady were having a romantic walk besides a river. As they walked, the knight picked flowers for his lady and held a bouquet of flowers in his hands. As he picked the flowers, (and probably due to the weight of his armour), he fell over into the water. According to the legend, as he was drowning he threw the bouquet at his lady shouting "forget-me-not".

Sadly the forget-me-nots have now finished flowering in my garden, however I did manage to preserve a few in my jewellery this week. I have been so busy recently with custom jewellery orders that I have not had time for anything else, so this week I reserved some time for me! These forget-me-nots were picked and pressed this Spring and the daisies were picked by my little boy last summer whilst we were playing in a local park.

Real flower jewellery
The flowers have been sealed in clear resin and I have made one into a pendant and the other into a matching brooch. Although I am not normally keen on the colour pink, I gave them a pink pearl-like backing which I tend to do with most of my pressed flower jewellery as it kind of suits it!

So thankfully now I can admire these forget-me-nots all year round!

Please visit my real flower jewellery website page to see more of my pressed flower jewellery.

Monday, 22 February 2010

My Latest Pressed Flower Jewellery

The impending arrival of spring and Mothers Day has inspired me this week to start making some pressed flower jewellery. Well to tell you the truth, being handed a lovely gift of a box full of pressed flowers made me feel quite guilty that I should be making something with them! They have been sitting there for the last few weeks calling out to me and so this week I gave in to the temptation and had my wicked resin way with them.

Please correct me if I have incorrectly named the flowers that I have selected. I am far from being green fingered, sticky fingered maybe but gardening has never been my strong point!

The first one is a single pressed Fuchsia flower, set within a clear teardrop shaped resin pendant...

real flower necklace
This second group of pendant are pressed Viola flowers set within both heart and teardrop shaped resin pendants.

real flower jewellerySo, I have finally quietening my box of pressed flowers down for the time being. They are quietly chatting amongst themselves and debating who will be next in line to be transformed into something beautiful....

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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Crafters are such lovely people

Recently whilst paying my regular visit to a local craft shop (Kim’s Crafts in Hinckley), I was having a conversation with the owner (Kim) about pressed flowers. We were talking about how I sometimes use pressed flowers with my jewellery and also how the art of pressed flower picture making was not so popular these days.

I left the shop (clutching various crafty bits) and walked home. On my way home I received a phone-call from Kim who said that another customer had overheard our conversation and had something for me. Ooh I thought and so the next day, I raced back to the shop and was handed these!

pressed flowers
A craft box full to the brim with pressed flowers and some pictures the lady had made! I almost fell to the floor when I saw them and was completely overcome. So I gave some of my pendants in exchange and everyone was extremely happy...especially me since I have got lots of flower jewellery to make now!

It does make you realise how the world can be such a wonderful place when things like that happen to you.

To see some examples of flowers set in jewellery, visit my new Wedding Keepsakes page.