Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Thank you from CraftsforCharity - Part 1

I have been away this weekend for a long weekend away in the Lake District (which was wonderful), but quite rightly so Angela banned me from using my PC for 4 whole days! Anyway, I have come back to a mountain of emails and have fallen way behind in my Crafts for Charity Directory Thank you's.

So this is 'part 1' of the thank you's for those lovely crafters who have included their details in my new craft directory. More to come later this week!

Crafts Directory Thank you
To welcome the newest listings since my last blog I would like to say a huge Hi and Thanks to the following:

The first thank you this week goes to Never Forget and their huge range of unique and personalised embroidered gifts for home and family. Whether it is a gift for a newborn baby, birthday, wedding or Christening, they can offer you something personalised for you to receive.

The second thank you goes to Collars and Woofs and their House of Zed adjustable Martingale collars. All uniquely made to order in a smoke-free, dog-filled home, the collars are much safer and more humane than a choke-chain, and are all adjustable in length.

The third thank you goes to Curious Cat Creative and her ever-expanding range of handmade leather gifts and jewellery. From decorative stemmed flowers, to leather bookmarks, leather art, keyrings and phone-charms, you can find a large range of handmade leather gifts or have something custom made.

The fourth thank you goes to Damselfly Gemma. Unique handmade jewellery designs by Gemma Andrews that can all be purchased from her Folksy shop. Emma specialises in creating both sterling silver and costume jewellery but often dabbles in many other areas.

The fifth thank you goes to Orchy Designs. Handmade in Scotland, these bold and vibrant jewellery designs are handcrafted using dichroic glass and sterling silver. The colours and textures produced by the use of Dichroic glass really are beautiful!

I promise to catch-up in the next couple of days and include all the remaining crafters who have joined the crafts directory. In the mean time, why not take a look!



  1. Thank you for the thank you!
    Susanne, Orchy Design x

  2. Very quiet out here in craft land without you Mick, welcome home and hope you both had a great break.


  3. Hi! It's been a while! I'm glad that you had a wonderful holiday :)
    The CraftforCharity sounds very interesting! I'll have a good look aroud it!