Thursday, 20 May 2010

Crafts for Charity Explained

I thought that I should better explain the purpose of the Crafts for Charity directory and the reasons for developing it.

The Crafts directory ws developed with the purpose of promoting arts and crafts. It is not a Charity directory and neither is it a directory of crafters that support charity. By listing your website, blog, Etsy, Misi or Folks shop in the directory you will receive a high level of promotion for your crafts. In return I am asking for a small donation (minimum £2) which gets paid directly to your chosen charity via JustGiving. If you would like to nominate another charity not listed, you can contact me and I will add it to the directory. This has already happened this week when I was asked to add the Dogs Trust.

Unlike many other directories, nobody is making any money from it other than charities. I was asked by my Dad this week 'So what are you getting out of it' and I replied 'Nothing, other than the satisfaction that like minded crafters are receiving promotion for their work, and also charities are benefitting'. I could add advertising etc to the directory but feel that it would spoil the whole ethos of the directory.

Crafts Directory
The Crafts for Charity directory is now one week old and so far we have raised £41 which is a great achievement since there are only eight of us in the directory. All of the directory pages have now been indexed by Google (in less than a week!) and I have also discovered that some of the crafters details have already been picked out by Google for searches. For example, yesterday I received a hit on the directory from somebody searching for 'leather antler jewellery Celtic' and that is after just one week being online!

So that is a magical start as far as promoting the crafters who have already listed their sites, and I hope it makes many more sales for you! I will also blog, Twitter and Facebook about new entries to the directory every week.

So a huge thank you for those who have already listed and I welcome more crafters to join us. If you need any help or comments please email me.



  1. Very nicely explained Mick (far better than my meagre effort) Fantastic news on the google side, might just sit back and wait for orders now then LOL.

    Thank you for adding the Dogs Trust


  2. Awesome - I didn't know you had already moved on this please count me in!

  3. Hey Mick, I'm in too! Just going to take a better look at the site :)

  4. Thanks for your listing Louise!

  5. Thank ou for taking your time out to start the directory. Very much appreciated.